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What's the difference between an Odor Eliminator and a Freshener?


An odour eliminator and a freshener serve different purposes when it comes to managing smells:

1. Odour Eliminator
   - Purpose: Designed to neutralize or eliminate unpleasant odours.
   - Mechanism: Works by chemically reacting with odour molecules to neutralize them, absorbing odours, or using enzymatic processes to break down odour-causing compounds.
   - Example: Products containing activated charcoal, baking soda, or enzymatic cleaners.

2. Freshener
   - Purpose: Adds a pleasant fragrance to the air or surface, masking bad smells rather than eliminating them.
   - Mechanism: Releases fragrant compounds into the air to provide a fresh scent, often through essential oils, synthetic fragrances, or aerosol sprays.
   - Example: Air fresheners, scented candles, and diffusers.

Odour eliminators focus on removing the source of bad smells, while fresheners aim to cover them up with a more pleasant scent.

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