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Inspired and driven by the world that we are leaving behind for future generations, for our kids and for the sake of the planet, the name ALIXPODS came out. It represents children, families and all the responsibilities they have to carry out to live in a better world. The environment around us is not only our home but everything that keeps us alive. From the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe, our shelter, and more, it helps us to survive. Therefore, caring for the environment is something that should be inherent in us.

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At TakiDistribution, we are passionate about innovation and sustainability. We strive to offer our customers superior quality products that meet their cleaning needs while minimizing the environmental impact. In addition to our cutting-edge cleaning products, we will progressively introduce a range of other innovative items to meet the needs of our customers. 

Browse our website to discover our wide selection of products. You will find eco-friendly cleaning solutions, professional-grade items for businesses, as well as household products to provide our customers with the best available choices in the market. 

We are committed to providing exceptional service to our customers. Our team is here to answer your questions,, help you choose the products that suit your needs, and provide you with any assistance you may require. At TakiDistribution, we believe in the importance of building strong and lasting relationship with our customers.  

Don't wait any longer, explore our website and discover how TakiDistribution can meet your needs for quality, sustainable, and innovative cleaning products.  

With our pods refill concept, we are true  believers that sustainable living start at home

We are committed to offer and consistently strive to develop innovative solutions that enhance quality of life.

Innovative Solution​s at the heart of quality products

Embracing our vision of "be innovative, offer the best product and service, and always remain true to your customers",   Taki's team strives to compete on quality, service, and best value proposition. We relentlessly seek products to offer a game changer in the cleaning industry, offering clients products that improve their operations and operating expenditures. 

Committed To Our Clients

Superior quality products
We are a team-based, customer-focused company committed to our clients, our community, and sustainable ways of working.

Continuous innovation
Powered by the spirit of innovation and chemistry, we continue to develop ever-better solutions that answer to your needs.

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