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Mission, Vision & Values

Dedicated Team of Professionals

Starting with a small team of dedicated professionals in Montreal (Canada), Taki Distribution (“Taki”) identified the need for a comprehensive cleaning line of products. 
It strives to become one of the most respected Canadian-owned distributors of cleaning products in North America. 

We seek to grow our portfolio without losing touch with our core principles. We believe it is important to always offer the best value proposition thru our innovative, sustainable products. We will always refer to our values of respect, responsibility, excellence, integrity, and innovation. We always seek to build long-standing relationships with leading organizations based on those values. 

We are committed to provide
the best quality

Taki stands for more than just products.

We are about developing relationships and partnerships with our clients and working with them to offer the best value to their end-user. 

Our Mission

At Taki, we are committed to providing the best quality cleaning products available, bearing in mind innovation and sustainability, and always thriving to exceed clients’ expectations. We look to create and maintain prosperous and enjoyable environments where performance can thrive for all. 

We first and foremost place value on the relationship with our partners and we base our success on our ability to entertain a friendly, pleasant, and positive relationship with the people we work with. 

Best Practice : We are happy to be judged on our performance. Our goal is to lead by example and maintain the best practices and highest standards in the market. 

Support: We believe real-time reporting is a fundamental requirement when it comes to supporting our clients. All our activities are run thru our ERP to allow full traceability of products and communications. 

Operational Excellence : We understand the challenges in maintaining the highest customer satisfaction. Our team understands, its responsibility to ensuring good communication and support to our customers. 

Empowerment: At Taki, we consider it our responsibility to provide the best products and support to improve the lives and operations of our customers. Our role is to select the best partners and ensure we bridge their experience to meet client’s expectations.